FuelDaddy Business Membership Terms and Conditions


FuelDaddy agrees to provide you with enriched services for all or a part of the businesses that you maintain on its online platform, through the registration process on the FuelDaddy websites or applications. The set of services is specified on the online registration application page. The successful application process grants you the right to participate according to the rules upon logging in, taking into account that you agree and comply with the rules of proper operation of FuelDaddy.

As a registered member of FuelDaddy you are explicitly associated with the business owner or all of the retained businesses. FuelDaddy reserves the right to refuse to provide services through the registration application if the information is incomplete or if there is any suspicion of malicious use of the site by a non-authorized or unidentified user. The status of registered member cannot be conveyed from one property to another in any case.

Offered Services

FuelDaddy offers all its services to its registered and authorized members through logging in to the system. The management and processing of all these services can be done by registered users. FuelDaddy may suspend, modify or withdraw any of these services without further notice.

It is strictly forbidden to use, reproduce, republish, copy, store, sell, convey, distribute, publish, execute, download, modify in any way, a part or all the content of FuelDaddy and the services provided in it without prior permission.

The rest of the products or services mentioned on the web pages of the service, which possess the trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, associates, associations or publications, form their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore these entities bear the relevant responsibility.

Special Services

Additionally, specialized and personalized products or services may also be available for a fee with special rates for registered and authorized members.

However, in no case do we guarantee and consequently are not responsible (not even by negligence) for any damage caused to visitor / user by the use of the service. Content and services are provided “as is” without any guarantee, covenant or indirect, express or implied, subject to the guarantees of satisfactory quality, suitability, inviolability, compatibility, safety and accuracy, which we all expressly deny. We are not responsible for repairing any damage (positive or adjective, which may be indicative of loss of profits, data, earnings, monetary satisfaction e.t.c.) from users/visitors of our Service or third parties, due to a cause related to the operation or not, the use of service, any inability to provide services/information provided by it or from any unauthorized interference of third parties in products/services/information available through it. We make every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the network, but in no case do we guarantee that the Service operations or server operations will be uninterrupted or without any kind of error, free of viruses and similar elements, whether it is its website, or for another site or server which its content is transmitted.

Access to Services

Services provided by FuelDaddy refer only to authorized business property representatives.

Review Solicitation Policy

FuelDaddy encourages businesses to ask their customers to write reviews. However, we prohibit businesses from offering incentives because they can hinder the validity and accuracy of reviews. If customers have been promised a reward in return for a review of a specific business, they are more likely to write a review that doesn’t reflect their true experience.

Incentives are any rewards or preferential treatment a business offers to customers in exchange for writing reviews of that business. Examples include:

  • Drawings or raffles: Customers are told they will be entered into a drawing or lottery after they have posted a review on FuelDaddy.
  • Discounts: Customers are offered reduced rates on current or future purchases in return for writing a review.
  • Special treatment: Customers are promised upgrades, coupons, free amenities, etc. in exchange for posting a review.

Penalties will be given to businesses that offer incentives to their customers for writing reviews of their businesses. In all cases, reviews in question will be removed. Further penalties are given on a case-by-case basis and range from a warning to a red badge added to your business listing. The red badge warns prospective customers that a business has not adhered to FuelDaddy policy. It also significantly impacts the listing's popularity ranking.


Members cease to participate only by written or electronic notice. The resignation is not valid before the date of the written notice by FuelDaddy and if no date is specified in the notice, no later than fortnight after receipt.

Terminated members are considered new members and will be forced to sign up as a new member if they wish to do so again in the future.

Listing Deletion

FuelDaddy publishes business information so the consumers can share their experiences about local businesses. Because this information is a matter of public record and public interest, we do not remove it from our site.

While we understand that some business owners prefer to keep a low profile, it is important (and a legal right) for consumers to be able to find and share this information for local businesses.

If you need to update or change the information in your business listing, please submit any changes via the fuel station edit page after logging in to our system.

If your business is permanently or temporarily closed, please let us now by reporting it. Please note that closed businesses in some cases still appear in FuelDaddy’s search results to let users know that your business is closed.


Please note that the information you provide on the registration form is personal. This information is collected for the purpose of processing your application, to provide you with accession services, and to keep you informed of upcoming events. The intended recipient of this information will be FuelDaddy.

Data Protection

We manage your personal data as a member in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which is available here. Please note that the Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time.

Your personal information will be used in the following ways:

To manage your membership and provide you assistance services.

To email you about your membership status and other issues related to registered members.

For sending regular emails to inform you about the benefits of your participation, our activities and news, from which you can choose to “opt out”.

We commit not to disclose information about your status as a registered member to third parties, unless it is required by law.

Other Important Terms

It is considered possible that we modify, or remove, any of the above terms at any time and at any interval. You will be notified at www.fueldaddy.gr for any change.